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Brand New Site Software: Ghost

I've just installed this Ghost blog software for my personal website. Was curious about a nodejs cms. So far so good, and pretty easy to set up!

Stay tuned for some content.

In the meantime, please feel free to email me at henrik@bechmann.ca

Here are my notes on setting up the site:


https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-node-js-on-an-ubuntu-14-04-server Using a PPA

open the access port: sudo ufw allow 2368

don’t delete /etc/nginx/sites-available/default (I have lots of other things going on in this server)

new user ghost, pw:(private!)

to run ghost:
su - ghost
cd /var/www/ghost
forever start index.js

to stop ghost:
forever stop index.js (from the ghost dir as the ghost user)

to autorestart on reboot:
sudo crontab -u ghost -e

add this:
@reboot /usr/bin/forever start /var/www/ghost/index.js

Ghost is in developer mode by default -- see instructions ("how to install..." above) to switch to production mode (I haven't bothered, not in the short run)

ghost documentation:

How to use the DigitalOcean Ghost Application

How To Configure and Maintain Ghost from the Command Line

How To Change Themes and Adjust Settings in Ghost

Also visit the following to learn more:

Ghost.org - Ghost website

Ghost Documentation — Official Ghost documentation

Ghost Slack Page — Ghost's Slack page to get help from real people of the Ghost community

ghost recommends setting up an email service instead of using direct email: http://support.ghost.org/mail, but I'm not going to do this -- not worth it; not enough traffic. Email forwarding is handled separately on my Digital Ocean droplet